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Game of the day 5

IMG 3587 

Zhao,Xue - Ju,Wenjun

FIDE Women's Grand Prix Ankara, 21.09.2012
Chinese players are always fighting terribly against each other.Just last year in Shenzen there were few friendly draws. 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0–0 6.Be2 e5 7.Be3 Na6 [More usual way here is 7...Ng4 8.Bg5 f6 9.Bh4 g5 10.Bg3 Nc6 11.d5 Ne7] 8.0–0 Ng4 [Classical central strategy allows White transfer into better endgame here 8...c6 9.dxe5 dxe5 10.Qxd8 Rxd8 11.h3 Re8 12.a3

12...b6 13.b4 Bb7 14.Nd2 Bf8 15.Nb3N (15.Rab1 — 87/(482); 15.Rfd1 c5 16.b5 Nc7 17.Nd5±) 15...c5 16.b5 Nc7 17.Nd2 Ne6 18.Nd5 Bg7 19.a4 Nf4 20.Rfe1 Nxe2+ 21.Rxe2 Bxd5 22.cxd5± Beliavsky,A (2632)-Markus,R (2616)/Slovenija ,2009] 9.Bg5


9...Qe8 [Older treatment was 9...f6 10.Bc1 Kh8 11.h3 Nh6 12.dxe5!? fxe5 (12...dxe5 13.Qxd8 (13.Be3ѓ) 13...Rxd8 14.Be3 Be6 15.Rfd1 Nf7 16.a3І) 13.Be3 Nf7 14.Qd2 Nc5 15.Ng5 Nxg5 16.Bxg5 Bf6 17.Be3 Ne6 18.Bg4!ѓ with initiative,1–0 Karpov,A (2730)-Kasparov,G (2800)/New York/Lyon (m7) 1990] 10.h3 [10.Re1 exd4 11.Nd5 (11.Nxd4 Qe5 12.Nf3 Qc5 13.Bh4 Be6 14.Nd2 Ne5 15.Nb3 Qb6 16.Nd5 Bxd5 17.cxd5N (17.Qxd5) 17...Nd7 18.Bg5 1/2 De Jong,J (2474)-Brandenburg,D (2435)/Nederland (ch) 2008) 11...c6 12.Ne7+ Kh8 13.Nxc8 Rxc8 14.Nxd4 Nf6 15.f3 (15.Bf4 Ь 101/(453)) 15...Qe5 16.Be3 d5 17.Qb3!?N (17.cxd5) 17...c5 18.Nb5 dxe4 19.Rad1 Rcd8 20.Nxa7 Rxd1 21.Rxd1 exf3 22.Bxf3 Ne4 23.Re1! f5 24.Qxb7 Qxb2 25.Qxb2 Bxb2 26.Bxe4 fxe4 27.Nb5 Re8 28.a3± Jakovenko,D (2726)-Bojkov,D (2552)/Plovdiv , 2010] 10...h6 [It is possibl;e top transfer position to the same 10...exd4 11.Nxd4 Nf6 12.Bf3 h6 13.Be3 Nh7 14.Bg4 Ng5 15.Bxc8 Rxc8 16.Qg4 Nc5 17.Nd5 Nge6 18.Nf5 h5 19.Qh4 Qd8 20.Nde7+ Kh7 21.Bxc5 Nxc5 22.Nxc8 Qxh4 23.Nxh4 Rxc8 24.Rab1 Nxe4 25.Nf3 f5 26.Rfe1 Bf6 27.Re2 h4 28.Rd1 Kg7 29.Nd2 Nc5 30.b3 Kf7 31.Nf3 Ne4 32.Re3 1/2 Nyzhnyk,I (2397)-Kruppa,Y (2543)/Kyiv UKR 2008] 11.Bh4 [Some players prefer another retreat 11.Bc1 exd4! 12.Nxd4 Nf6 13.Bf3 Nh7 14.Re1


14...Nc5 (14...Ng5 № 15.Be3 (15.Bg4 Bxg4 16.hxg4 Qe5! 17.Nc2 Qe6! 18.f4 Nh7 19.Nd5 c6 20.f5 Qd7 21.Nf4 g5 22.Nh5 Be5 23.Nd4 Nf6 24.Nf3 Qe7ч) 15...Nc5 16.Ndb5 Qd8 17.Bxc5 dxc5 18.Qxd8 Rxd8 19.Nxc7 Nxf3+ 20.gxf3 Rb8©) 15.Be3 Qd8?! (15...Ng5) 16.Nb3!І Ne6 17.Be2 Qh4 18.Bf1 f5 19.exf5 gxf5 20.g3 Qf6 (20...Qd8 21.f4±) 21.Nd5 Qf7 22.Nd4!± White powerfully controls the center. Sokolov,I (2570)-Gelfand,B (2665)/Beograd 1991] 11...exd4 [11...Nf6 12.Bxf6! (12.dxe5) 12...Bxf6 13.c5! exd4 14.Nd5 Bd8 * 15.cxd6!?N cxd6 16.Bxa6 bxa6 17.Qxd4± Greenfeld,A (2545)-Najer,E (2610)/Jerusalem 2005] 12.Nxd4 [Possible was sharper attitude 12.Nd5 g5 13.hxg4 gxh4 14.Nxh4 c6 15.Nf4 Qxe4 16.g3 Qe7 17.Bd3 Bf6? (17...Be5) 18.Re1 Qd8 19.Nf5 Bxf5 20.Bxf5 Qa5 21.Nh5 Bh8 22.b4 Qxb4 23.g5 Rfe8 24.Nf6+ Bxf6 25.Rxe8+ Rxe8 26.gxf6 d3 1–0 Ivanisevic,I (2611)-Ziska,H (2426)/Tromso NOR 2010] 12...Nf6 13.Bf3 Nh7 14.g4


X...h5 [It seems ,that in this critical position other options can be tried,as it was played in two games of Dutch IGM Sipke Ernst 14...Bf6 15.Bxf6 Nxf6 16.Bg2 Nc5 17.Qd2 h5 18.f3 Be6 19.b3 c6 20.Rae1 Rd8 21.Qh6 Rd7 22.Re2 hxg4 23.hxg4 Nh7 24.Qe3 a5 25.Rd1 1–0 Ernst,S (2587)-Thiede,L (2445)/Solingen GER 2011 (36); 14...Ng5 15.Bg2 Nc5 16.f4 Ngxe4 17.Nd5 g5 18.Be1 gxf4 (18...Qd8 19.fxg5 hxg5 20.b4 c6 21.Ne3 Na4 22.Bxe4 Qe8 23.Nef5 (23.Qf3 Bxd4 24.Rd1±) 23...Qxe4 24.Nxg7 Kxg7 25.Qd2 with advantage, Eschenko,V-Tiemann,H (2505)/ICCF 2007 (38)) 19.Rb1 Ng5 20.Rxf4 c6 21.Nf6+ Bxf6 22.Rxf6 Qe3+ 23.Bf2 Qd3 24.Rxh6 Qxd1+ 25.Rxd1 Kg7 26.Rh5 f6 27.Be3 with better position, Ernst,S (2593)-Naroditsky,D (2472)/Groningen NED 2011] 15.Qd2 [It was possible typical play 15.Ndb5 hxg4 16.hxg4 Bd7 17.e5 opening Bishop.] 15...c6 [Better was immediate attack on the Kings flank 15...hxg4 16.hxg4 Nf6 17.g5 Ng4 trying to transfer Knight to e5.] 16.Rae1?! [Correct way was 16.gxh5 Bxh3 17.Rfd1 Nc5 18.Qe3 Ne6 19.Nce2 with clear advantage.] 16...Nc5

[Once more was necessary 16...hxg4 17.hxg4 Nf6 18.Nf5! gxf5 19.exf5 Qd7 20.Ne4 Nxe4 21.Rxe4 f6 22.Rfe1 with very unclear position.] 17.Bd1! Now White makes free way for f pawn. 17...a6


[Now capture was late 17...hxg4 18.hxg4 Nf6 19.f3 Qd8 20.Bg3 and pawn d6 will be under fire.] 18.Nf5! Such sacrifices are always impressive,but very typical 18...gxf5 19.exf5 Qd7 20.b4! Black Knight has no place to retreat. 20...hxg4 21.Bxg4 [Much simpler and logical would be 21.hxg4 keeping the pawn structure intact.] 21...Nf6 22.bxc5 dxc5 23.Qxd7 [Queen exchange keeps whites advantage ,butmore problems Black would face after 23.Qf4 ] 23...Bxd7 24.Na4


24...Rae8 [Slightly more difficult task White would face after 24...b5 25.Nxc5 Bc8 26.Ne4] 25.Nb6! [it is even better than capture 25.Nxc5 ] 25...Bc8 26.Rxe8 Rxe8 27.Rd1 [Very strong was 27.Rb1! with next capturing on c8 and b7 winning the game instantly.] 27...Nxg4 28.hxg4 Bc3 29.Rd3 Bd4 30.Kg2 [It was always possible 30.Rb3 ] 30...Kg7 31.Rb3 

31...Re4 Desperation,but there is no hope for black. 32.Nxc8 b5 33.Nd6 Re2 [Or 33...Rxg4+ 34.Rg3 Rxg3+ 35.Bxg3 b4 36.Nb7 Kf6 37.Bd6] 34.Ra3 Be5 35.Rxa6 [Chinese way of realization.Solviets would never give piece back! 35.Bg3 Bxg3 36.Kxg3 Rd2 37.Ne4 Rd4 38.Kf3 Rxc4 39.Rxa6] 35...Bxd6 36.cxb5 Be5 37.Rxc6 [more precise was to take on c6 with a pawn 37.Kf3 Re1 38.bxc6 c4 39.Ra7 Rh1 40.Bg5 Rh8 41.Ke4] 37...Bd4 38.a3 Ra2 39.b6 Rxa3 40.b7 Rb3 41.Rc7 Preparing Bg3 and Rd7. 41...Be5 42.f6+ [Once more was simpler way 42.Rd7 c4 43.g5 Kf8 44.f6 Ke8 45.Re7+] 42...Kg6 43.Rxc5 Bf4 44.Rc4 Bb8 45.f4 Rxb7 46.f5+


With such pawns win is simple! 46...Kh7 47.Re4 Rb2+ 48.Kf3 Bd6 49.g5 Rb5 50.Kg4 Rd5 51.Re8 Bc5 52.Bg3 Bb4 53.Rb8 Bc3 54.Rf8 Rd7 55.Kh5 1–0



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