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Round 5 report

IMG 3487 

In the fifth round of the sixth stage of the FIDE Women Grand Prix 2011-2012 in Ankara the record number of games finished peacefully. The leaders Humpy Koneru and Ruan Lufei drew their games and allowed the rating favorite of the tournament Anna Muzychuk to catch up on the shared first place. Slovenian player managed to outplay Monika Socko in an equal endgame. Another decisive game was played between Chinese Zhao Xue and Ruan Lufei. Turkish player Kubra Ozturk saved lost position playing with white against Tatiana Kosinsteva and her teammate Betul Yildiz managed to hold the position playing against Munguntuul Batkhuyag.

Monika Socko – Anna Muzychuk 0-1
Monika Socko: I think I had better position after the opening. I was checking this line with Bf5 earlier. I was surprised when I saw the move 9… e6. I could taken 10.Bd7 and after Nd7 try Nb5. I thought in the end there is a draw in that endgame without a pawn but in fact it was very unpleasant to defend this endgame and I didn’t manage to hold it. Unfortunately it’s not the first game here when I lose drawish positions.
Anna Muzychuk: At the beginning I thought my position was ok but since white managed to play e4-e5 and get French structure I understood that my knight on a3 cannot play and white has attack and I don’t time even to bring my queen on c-file. So I had to defend this position. With queens on the board Monika had many chances to create problems for me.

Kubra Ozturk – Tatiana Kosintseva ½ = ½
Kubra Ozturk: I played not so well again and made many mistakes and there were many moments when I could have played better. I had pawn down but still was looking for some contra play but nothing worked. So position was just getting worse. Fortunately I managed to hold the position because of mistake of my opponent.
Tatiana Kosintseva: The position was absolutely winning but I spoiled everything with one move. I had to play re6 instead of Kg5. I missed that pawn g6 was hanging.

Zhao Xue – Ju Wenjun 1-0
Zhao Xue: After the opening the position was ok for white. The move h5 is out of my preparation. 17.Bd1 white have better attack. I think Qd7 was not good - I should have played Qc1 instead. I think after that move I could win in the middle game. After I got an extra piece I didn’t play really well. Maybe it was not a good choice to give it back.
Ju Wenjun: I think I had good position after the opening but I made few blunders during the game, so I lost in the end.
Betul Yildiz: I’ve prepared this line today. In the position with opposite color bishop I think I had some small chances. But after she played f4 the position became equal, maybe with some chances for Munguntuul. I defended well and managed to make a draw.
Munguntuul Batkhuyag: I didn’t like my position after the opening and belive that white could have played differently. She could have got the position where I was left with knight against bishop and I believe it was not good for me. I agree that after f4 Black were slightly better.
Antoaneta Stefanova: I think that after the opening it should be better for me. But how should I play exactly it’s not clear. Maybe I had to take on f6 and play c5. Everything looked slightly better for me and it was not easy to decide which line is the best one. My opponent played very well in defense, so I didn’t see later how I could improve my position. In fact all the pawn are very weak for both sides, so if she becomes active it can be also dangerous for me.
Ruan Lufei: I agree that white had slightly better position and I guess I should have played c5 before I played Rad8. I saw move b4 but I overlooked the move gf3. Maybe my opponent could have played h4 instead of taking my pawn f4.
Humpy Koneru: Nothing special happened today. – just normal line with 11…Bf5. Then I played Ne4 which I think was a bit dubious move. I have some problems with development. Later there were some small tactics. For example after 20.bc4 black could try 20…Nf2 but I think it’s not working because after 21.Rf2 Rc4 I can just play 22.Re1.
Viktorija Cmilyte: I think I got normal position after the opening. As long as this Nd3-Nb2 is possible it means that Black is fine.


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