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Round 10 review

IMG 4734 

Muzychuk,Anna - Cmilyte,Viktorija
FIDE Women's Grand Prix Ankara, 27.09.2012
Viktorija went for Dragon Sicilian and managed to get sufficient counterplay, so the game was balanced till the very end and ended up in a draw.

15...Rd8 A novelty. [15...Rb8 was previously played - 16.Bc4 Rb4 17.a3 Rxc4 18.Qxc4 Ne3 19.Qh4 Nxd1 20.Rxd1 Qe5 21.Ne4 Bf5 22.Re1 Bxe4 23.Rxe4 Qc5 with even chances, 1/2 Kryvoruchko,Y (2666)-Jones,G (2635)/Reykjavik ISL 2012/] 16.Bc4 Bf5 17.Bb3 h5
18.Rhe1?! This centralising move is too soft. [White could fight for advantage with 18.g4 hxg4 19.fxg4 e5 (19...Nf4 20.Bxf7+ Kxf7 21.Qc4+ Rd5 22.gxf5 gxf5 23.Rhf1 e5 24.Nd3±) 20.Qg1 Nf4 21.Re1 Bc8 22.h4 developing a dangerous attack agains opponent's king.] 18...Nb6 19.Qe3 [Hardly better would've been 19.Qe5 Rxd1+ 20.Kxd1 Qd8+ 21.Kc1 e6 and Black has to be fine there.] 19...Rxd1+ 20.Rxd1 Qxh2 21.Qxe7 Nd5 22.Qe2
22...Nf4? A mistake, which wasn't used by Anna, as she played 23.Qe7? [23.Qe5 would've been realy unpleasent for Black, for instance 23...h4 24.Kb1 Qg3 25.Ne4 Bxe4 26.Bxf7+ Kh7 27.Qxe4 with huge advantage.] 23...Nd5 24.Qe2 Qf4+ 25.Kb1 Qe3 26.Qxe3 Nxe3 27.Rd2 Endgame is close to equality, perhaps it's already White who has to be careful as black kingside pawns might be dangerous. In few more moves they've transposed to the rook endgame without much chances to sucseed for any side, so after elimination of all pawns a draw was finally agreed. 1/2
Yildiz,Betul Cemre - Zhao,Xue
FIDE Women's Grand Prix Ankara, 27.09.2012
Zhao Xue got suspitious position after the opening but than slowly but surely overplayed her less experienced opponent and took the full point, however Betul missed an opportunity to escape at the very end:
57.Be6+?! [Perhaps the easiest way to achieve a draw would've been 57.Rxg4 fxg4 58.Bxe4 Kc7 59.Bf5 g3 (59...Rxc4 60.Kg3) 60.Be4 Rxc4 61.Bf3 , eliminating opponents last pawn.] 57...Kc7 58.Rxg4?! This move is not losing but unnessesery complicates matters. [White could escape with a study-like idea - 58.h5! e3 59.Rxg4 (59.h6? e2–+) 59...fxg4 60.Bxg4 Rxc4! 61.Be2! Rf4 62.h6 Rf8 (62...Rf2+ 63.Kg3 Rxe2 64.h7 Rh2 65.Kxh2 e2=)
63.h7!? (To be honest, 63.Kg3 Kd6 64.Kg4 Ke5 65.Kg5 is probably easier way to draw.) 63...Kd6! 64.Bc4 Rh8 65.Kf3 Kc5! 66.Bg8 Kd4 67.Ke2 Ke4 68.Bf7! (68.Ke1 Kd3 69.Kd1 e2+ 70.Ke1 Ke3 71.Bc4 Rxh7 72.Bxe2 Rh1+ 73.Bf1 Rg1–+) 68...Rb8 69.Bb3! Rd8 70.Ke1 Rh8 71.Ke2 Rf8 72.Bf7! and Black can't win.] 58...fxg4 59.Bxg4 Rxc4 60.h5 Kd6 61.h6 Rb4 62.h7 The position is similar to the one which was examined in the previous comment (58. h5!) 62...Rb8 63.Kf2 Ke5 64.Bh5 Kf4 65.Kg2 Rf8
66.Bg6?? Ke3?? [66...Ke5! 67.Bf7 Kf6 68.Bd5 e3 and Black is winning as White's king is cut from the passed pawn, and 69.Kf3 is obviously losing the bishop after 69...Ke5+–+] 67.Bf7 Rh8 68.Bg6 Kd4 69.Kf2 Rf8+ 70.Ke2 Rb8 71.Kf2 e3+ 72.Kg3?? Rf8 Finally reaching the same position with White's king cut. 73.Kg2 e2 0–1
Socko,Monika - Stefanova,Antoaneta
FIDE Women's Grand Prix Ankara, 27.09.2012
1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.e4 Nf6 4.e5 Nd5 5.Bxc4 Nb6 6.Bd3 Nc6 7.Be3 Nb4 8.Be4 f5 9.exf6 exf6 10.Nc3 c6 [The main move here is 10...f5 ]
11.Nh3!? A novelty played after a long thought. White managed to get an advantage in only game which had been played with this position before: [11.a3 N4d5 12.Qh5+ Ke7 13.Nge2 Be6 14.0–0 Qe8 15.Qf3 Kf7 16.Nf4 Nxf4 17.Bxf4 Qd7
and here 18.h3 would underline White's advantage(Instead White played 18.Qh5+ Kg8 19.Rfe1? , and after 19...g5! found himself in trouble. 1/2 Khalifman,A (2626)-Mainka,R (2483)/Bad Wiessee 2010/) ] 11...Bxh3 12.Qh5+ g6 13.Qxh3
13...f5 14.a3 N4d5 15.Bxd5 Nxd5 16.0–0 Bg7 17.Rfe1 0–0 18.Bh6 Bxh6 19.Qxh6 Nf6 Black managed to equalise without any trouble. The further game was more or less balanced and finlly a draw was agreed in the rook endgame 2 pawns versus 2 pawns on a kingside. 1/2
Ozturk,Kubra - Koneru,Humpy
FIDE Women's Grand Prix Ankara, 27.09.2012
Humpy managed to score very important victory with Black after her opponent got confused in the opening. Kubra mixed up few plans (at least it seems so to me) and didn't realise the moment she should equalise safely.
15...Nh5!? 16.Qxb6?! [16.Nb3 Qxb5 17.cxb5 Nxb3 18.axb3 Nxf4 19.gxf4³] 16...axb6 17.Nb3? [Correct was 17.Nd3 Nxc4 18.Nxc4 Bxc4 19.Rfd1 Nxf4 20.Nxf4 Rxa2 21.Rxa2 Bxa2 22.Rxd4 and White should be able to save this position.] 17...f6? Perhaps the only Black's mistake from the whole game. [Much stronger would've been 17...Nxf4 18.gxf4 Bxc4 19.Nxc4 Nxc4 20.Nxd4 Bf6 and White's task of neutralising Black's pressure seems to be realy hard as kingside weaknesses shoudn't be underestimated.]
18.Nf3? Missing a nice opportunity to come back into the game. [White should've played 18.Nxd4! fxe5 19.Nxe6 exf4 20.Nxf8 Kxf8 21.Rac1 with mutual chances. I would say White's position looks preferable to me, however I'm far from being objective as my passion to g2 bishop is widely known :).] 18...Nxf4 19.gxf4 Bxc4µ Black's advantage is decicive. White went for exchange sacrifice - 20.Nbxd4 Bxf1 21.Kxf1 but failed to get any compensation and had to resign right after the time control... 0–1
Munguntuul,Batkhuyag - Ruan,Lufei
FIDE Women's Grand Prix Ankara, 27.09.2012
Munguntuul proved to be very solid player so Ruan wasn't pushing too much after White chose a solid setup in the opening. Both players seem to be satisfied with the draw as you can see how quickly they've changed all the pieces:
19.Qxb6 axb6 20.Ne5 Nxe5 21.Rxe5 c5 22.Ree1 cxd4 23.cxd4 Rd5 24.Re5 Red8 25.Rxd5 Rxd5
26.Rc1 (!) This move ensures total anihilation of queenside pawns, so noone would complain about the Sofia Rules... 26...Rxd4 27.Rc8+ Kh7 28.Rc7 Rd1+ 29.Kh2 Rd2 30.Rxf7 Rxb2 31.Rxb7 Rxf2 32.Rxb6 Rxa2 33.Rxe6
33...Ra3 34.Rb6 Rc3 35.Ra6 Rb3 36.Rc6 Ra3 Well, still not a repetition yet, however the position doesn't seem to be worth playing, so a draw was finally agreed. 1/2

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