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FIDE GP: women talking about men


On 21st of September FIDE Grand Prix has started in London.

The participants of Women GP in Ankara tried to make some prognosis and told us whom they are going to root for. As we have here three Chinese players it’s easy to predict who will get the biggest support from the players.
Picture by Fred Lukas
Monika Socko: I will follow the games of course but unfortunately no one from Poland is going to play. I will check the games but since we have to prepare a lot here I don’t think I’m going to have much time.

Anna Muzychuk: Yes, of course I will follow the games. Tournament is very strong and it’s hard to say who will win it. Ivanchuk is the only player from Ukraine, so I hope he will show good result. Unfortunately Carlsen is not playing in GP.

Kubra Ozturk: I just checked the news in the morning and saw that my teammate Shakhriayar Mamedyarov is going to play. So of course I am rooting for him in this tournament and I hope will show good result.

Tatiana Kosintseva: I will check the games of course. I think Alexander Grishuk, the only Russian player who participates there, has good chances to win the tournament.

Zhao Xue: I know that GP started also in London but I don’t care about it too much as I play here now. As I consider myself as a professional chess player still I will check all the games in London. I will follow the results of Wang Hao – he is our Chinese chess star, our hope. I believe he can play very well and better than us (laughing).

Ju Wenjun: Our tournament is not finished yet, so hopefully we’ll play better (smiling). I will watch all the games because all the participants are very strong GMs. I don’t know who will win but I wish our Chinese player can show good result.

Betul Yildiz: I checked the list of the players today and I will follow the games when I have time. Maybe Adams or Kasimdzhanov will win the tournament.

Munguntuul Batkhuyag: I will check the results but not sure I’m going to find any time to watch the games. We are also playing here, so we don’t have much time. I can bet that Nakamura or Ivanchuk can win the tournament.

Antoaneta Stefanova: We cannot watch the games online because we also play here but of course it’s very strong event, so I believe all the games will be very interesting. Of course since Topalov is playing it’s very normal that he is my favorite in the tournament. Of course I want him to win but I don’t know who will be first in fact.

Ruan Lufei: Actually I have no idea about GP in London and I don’t know that it has started today. Since you told me that Wang Hao is playing I will follow his games and results. Maybe I will check some scored games in the evenings.

Humpy Koneru: Of course we should follow the games because it’s interesting and strong event. It’s difficult to say who exactly will win as all the participants are World-class players.

Viktorija Cmilyte: There are many interesting events to follow now as London GP and San-Paulo. Many other events are coming up. It’s really nice that nowadays there are so many strong players, so it’s very interesting to watch their games.

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