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Round 3 report

IMG 3023 

The third round of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix started at 3.00 pm according to the schedule and brought more decisive games compare to the previous round. The Vice President of the Turkish Chess Federation, the candidate for the TCF President Gulkiz Tulay made the first symbolic move in the game Kubra Ozturk-Batkhuyag Munguntuul and later on Turkish player succeeded to get good position and made the first draw in the tournament. The biggest sensation of the third round happened in the game Monika Socko against Ju Wenjun. Chinese player had absolutely winning position but Monika was not in a hurry to resign and successfully used her last chance! (read more about it in the review of the day 3)

The Bulgarian chess player Antoaneta Stefanova got slightly better position after the opening playing against Indian player Humpy Koneru. In the endgame former world champion started to play innacurately and let her opponent to grab the point.Viktorija Cmilyte was in the trouble after the opening as she didnt get enough compensation for the pawn but later on her opponent Zhao Xue made a mistake and the evaluation of the position changed on favor of Viktorija. Ruan Lufei won the third game in a row playing against Betul Yildiz and keeps the sole lead in the tournament. Anna Muzychuk and Tatiana Kosinsteva played a long complicated game which finished on favor of Slovenian player. 
Anna Muzychuk - Tatiana Kosintseva 1-0

Anna Muzychuk: In the opening I’ve got quite normal position but after the game was transferred into the endgame I think my position was slightly better. So maybe black should have played Qd7 instead of Re8. Maybe it was not a good idea to go for rook endgame, there were good chances if I keep bishops on the board. İ thought it would be easier to win in rook endgame but it turned to be unclear in fact.

Tatiana Kosintseva: I missed this possibility to transfer the game in the endgame which was worse for me, so I had to fight for draw. I don’t know if I have chances in the rook endgame. There was also move f5 instead of h4.

Monika Socko - Ju Wenjun 1/2-1/2

Betul Yildiz - Ruan Lufei 0-1

Ruan Lufei: I didn’t carefully prepare for 1.c4 - it was a surprise for me as my opponent normally go for 1.d4. I just briefly checked the variation in the morning and followed it today in the game. I think the position was better for white in the middle game because they had an opportunity to create attack on the king side. I think her move Nh3 might be not good. Maybe she could have tried to play e6 to sacrifice the knight. After 33….Rd1 I think the position of black became slightly better.

Betul Yildiz: Normally I don’t play this variation but decided to change my move 1.d4 as I was sure my opponent had prepared for it. I was satisfied with my position and actually like my plan Nh3-Nf4. I think Rc7 was wrong move.

Kubra Ozturk - Munguntuul Batkhuyag 1/2-1/2
Ozturk: I studied Bf4 variation. I knew the line we chose. At one point I blocked the pieces and got some compensation. So, I was satisfied with what I got out of the opening.
Batkhuyag: I was also studying this position which looked equal. Black did not have any space of course but still the position was stable.
Antoaneta Stefanova - Humpy Koneru 0-1
Humpy: the opening was quite normal. I had an isolated pawn. My opponent put a piece on d4. It was quite a standart position. I think at some point instead of playing Bd3 she could have played Be2 and move rook on d1 to maintain the d4 square But what she played was still ok, it was more or less equal. Suddenly the position was unbalanced. I think Rc8 was the last mistake, White should go for Rc7.....
Stefanova: I could not believe that I am losing this endgame. I thought it would be a draw which seems to be a normal result. Normally there is no chance for white to lose in such position. So, I started making one small mistake after another left and right. But later on they stopped being small anymore. I simply miscalculated everything which I had to calculate. I was thinking to play lots of other moves but at the end I chose the worst ones. Rc7 was my first idea but why I did not play it I don’t even remember now.
Anna Muzychuk - Tatiana Kosintseva 1-0
Monica Socko - Ju Wenjun 1/2-1/2
Monica Socko: I think she took a pawn on b5 so it was stuck on b5. I thought I have compensation. But after b4 and a5 it became critical for me. It was dangerous because the pawns started moving. The white king was very weak and it was difficult to judge objectively.

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