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Round 1 report

IMG 2611 The first round of the 6th stage of FIDE Women Grand Prix tournament got under way in the building of TCF on the 16th of September 2012. The President of TCF, FIDE Vice-President Ali Nihat Yazici made symbolic move 1.e4 in the game between Betul Yildiz and Humpy Koneru.
In spite of the fact that the current Women's World Champion Hou Yifan has already won the Grand Prix 2011-2012 and cannot be caught by any of the other player, the one who placed second in the Series still have the chance to become the challenger in the match in 2013

It might be possible if current world champion will also win World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk on December 2012.  Anna Muzychuk, Humpy Koneru, Zhao Xue and Ju Wenjun keep the chances for the second place in Grand Prix Series 2011-2012.
Therefore the opening round passed in a tense struggle on all the boards and, as a result, only two games finished peacefully. Chinese players Ruan Lufei and Zhao Xue won their games against Kubra Ozturk and Antoaneta Stefanova respectively. Their compatriot Ju Wenjun made a draw with the top-seed of the tournament Anna Muzychuk. Viktorija Cmilyte and Humpy Koneru overplayed with black pieces Monika Socko and Betul Yildiz. The longest game of the first round between Munguntuul Batkhuyag and Tatiana Kosintseva finished in a draw. 

IMG 2809Munguntuul Batkhuyag - Tatiana Kosintseva 1/2-1/2
Munguntuul Batkhuyag: “The game was very complicated. it seemed white had a good position as they had an extra pawn. So maybe I had to play different way but I didn’t really see how I could improve my position. I didn’t see direct win at any moment. “
Tatiana Kosintseva: “After the opening we’ve got into complicated Spanish position. In one moment I started to play not very well. I made few inaccurate moves and white took the initiative. Maybe I should have played 25…Bc8 instead of 25…h5 in order to have 26…g5 if white play 26.h5. In the endgame with opposite color bishop I sacrificed a pawn. I think it was necessary otherwise the rooks of my opponent could have come to the eighth rank. Later on I was trying just to escape.”
IMG 2618 Kubra Ozturk – Ruan Lufei 0-1
Ruan Lufei: “I was satisfied with the opening today as I didn’t plan to get the advantage with black but still got quite comfortable position. I guess the move 17.Nf3 was a mistake. My opponent could have played Nf5 or Nb3 instead but still my position was ok. I made a mistake on the 30th move when I played 30…Rd4. I overlooked 31.Be2. “
Kubra Ozturk: “I thought everything was under control as everything was going according to my plan. I should have played 16.Nb3 instead of 16.Bg3. I was in time trouble and missed some chances to play better in some moments.

Monika Socko - Viktorija Cmilyte 0-1

 IMG 2788Viktorija Cmilyte: “I think I’ve got a pleasant position after the opening and I thought I was slightly better all the time. It was clear for me - either white will manage to hold it or not. I was afraid of 53.Rc2 instead of Ng5 because my king has to choose where to go. If I play 53…Kb5 it looks a little bit too far but it was also passive to put my king on d7. So maybe white had better chances after 53.Rc2.”
Monika Socko: “In the opening I played very badly and it was hard to hold my position. I think in the end I had some chances for a draw. I was trying to find some tricks but unfortunately Viktorija calculated much deeper.”

IMG 2752Zhao Xue - Antoaneta Stefanova 1-0
Antoaneta Stefanova; “I think 13…ed5 was a bad move. I don’t know if immediate 14.e5 was better than Bf6. I was calculating 14…b4 but I don’t know what would happen. White played good until 21.e6 because after 21…Nf6 I believed I managed to equalize at least. Both of us were spending a lot of time and in the moment the position became more or less simple I became somehow overoptimistic and played 28…Re3. I was calculating all those variations and with the little time it was not easy to understand if my pass-pawns will be stopped or not. Of course 28…Re3 was unnecessary risky because the position was about equal. “
Zhao Xue: “I agree that after 13…ed5 white got some advantage and attack. Unfortunately I missed some good moves. I believe that 23.Qb7 is a very bad move. After 23.Nf6 Rf7 I was checking only 24.Ne8 Qg2 (winning for black) and overlooked the possibility to play 24.ef with Bg4 later on… “

IMG 2718Betul Yildiz - Humpy Koneru 0-1
Humpy Koneru: “We’ve played this position before but I changed the line a little bit and played Rfc8 instead of Rfd8. There was quite normal position for this line. My opponent should have played 19.Qf2 instead of 19.Qe1 with the idea to continue h3 and f4. After 20.c5 my position was slightly better and after 23…Rc1 24.Bc1 the position of my opponent became clearly worse as all white pieces are misplaced. The rest was the matter of technique.”
Betul Yildiz: “It’s strange but all my attention was concentrated on the queen side, so I didn’t even check the plan with h3 and f4. “

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